Lovechimes.wordpress.com is an exclusive poetry blog which lets you enjoy classic love poems and general conversations on issues of the heart.

It’s unique since it offers its audience an extensive selection of practical, imaginative and thrilling pieces of art that resonate with all.

More so, it avoids being subjective by providing content that is open to both poets and non-poets to view with an aim to entertain, teach and inspire.

Twinkles.wordpress.com is imaginative and real.

We believe that poetry brings everyone fulfillment and that’s why we would like to encourage you to send us your feedback whenever a certain piece of work either intrigues or moves you via our comment section.

However, we have left our doors open in case you feel you have a piece you might want to have featured in this website which you can submit to the editor through our email address mwangikgithinji@gmail.com. It will be reviewed and if it meets our standards then we will have it posted with your byline on it.

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