Undying thoughts


She’s not just that typical lady

This girl is something special

How she came once

And never left

Is what still mesmerizes me

Those many thoughts about her, which I have no control over

Frankly, if I had a record of the times I think of her

Am sure it would equal every strand of hair on my head

But one thing still stands for me

That this is not imagination

And neither is it one of Karma’s love story

For his Hollywood audience

Full of deceit and falsehood

It’s far from that

Since it has life and is real

At times when I look outta my window

And let my mind wonder away for a while

It amuses me whenever I watch all sorts of people pass by

Ranging from girls, men to children

And there is nothing to distinguish them

Due to the countless images of her

Crisscrossing my mind in turns

And although not begging for attention

I find myself with limited options

With that of discarding them

Appearing at the very bottom

What a challenge it is

To have to spend 95% of my time

Thinking of what am gonna do

To win you over

It being a one way traffic

Where success would come with peace

Thus allowing me to start from where I left

Since you found your way in

I understand that every story has got its own beginning

And an ending too

But how mine is gonna end, I still don’t know.




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