No need to worry


It has never seemed easy

To convince you to switch alliances

But no one is mad with you, right?

Of course you’ve got a reason

Why you should still hold onto

The solitary pebble you still have in your palm

Yeah, you aren’t sure yet

Whether to let loose your grip on it

And what it would mean to you

To jump ship

And let go what you’ve got for now

At times when one try’s to picture you

In the midst of this situation

It’s similar to finding yourself

In that compromising situation

Where you’re standing at the edge

Of a tiny island

That’s surrounded by a big ocean

Filled with marauding sharks and hungry crocodiles

And you are dying

To dip into the cool ocean waters

With a refreshing glow

Plus a turquoise color adding to their brilliance.

But on the other hand

You’re gripped with fear

With the uncertainty of the dangers

Looming underneath that ocean

Making you cower

Thus you’re entwined in between two choices

That’s to remain in your current predicament

Or proceeding to test the waters

But you know what?

You shouldn’t fear

Instead get rid of all those worries you shelve

Don’t let them deter you

From venturing into the cool ocean waters

Brace yourself, take one step behind and breathe in

Ascertain that nothing is going to trip you

And with that broad smile on your face

Jump into the water

And swim away without looking back

Rest assured that when you finally hit the ocean bed

That someone will be awaiting you on the shore

Right on time, to hold your hand

Help you out of the water

And then take you home.


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