I miss you


What does it really mean?

To say that I do miss you

It’s so much to it

More than the words might sound

Whenever they are simply scribbled

Across a book, blackboard

You’re away, thus out of sight

The meaning of that is

I have to spend each day

Without running across your lovely face

Unlike a few weeks ago

When I could be able to steal glances at you

And even say hello whenever we met

It’s so different now as I have to make do without such luxury

And the world seems so hollow

With that big gap you left

Not only that but it’s kind of dark too

Your presence, think it provided that unblinking glow

Because since you left

The lights seem to have been sniffed off

In one single blow

Just Imagine, waking up

Spending an entire day

And having to go to bed every single night

Thinking only about you

Wishing that you were here with me

It has made nights longer

With the days seemingly trudging on more slowly

The stars on the other hand

Have failed to help this cause, going large

Thus I have lost my trust in them

Since despite entrusting them

With the task of carrying my sentiments to you

There’s still no signal to tell

That they indeed reached you

It raises the question of

Would I have gone nuts?

Were it not for the pictures

That I took of you

Which I have found myself turning to

For solace and to cover for your absence

Maybe yes, for their role here cannot be diminished

I just hope that one of these days

I’ll be able to see you again

Because I miss you a lot

With each passing day making me miss you more

Come back, I can’t wait.


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